Standard Terms

Shipments are insured in limited sizes by default. There are several conditions for the Netherlands versus internationally.

Transport all over the Netherlands:

For transport that takes place entirely within the Netherlands, the AVC conditions are used. AVC stands for General Transport Conditions. The liability of the carrier is €3.40 per kilogram of weight transported.

Example: You have a laptop transported with a value of €500 and a weight of 2 kg. In case of damage, you can “only” hold the carrier liable for:

2 kg * €3,40 = €6,80

Cross-border transport:

Now the CMR Convention applies. This is the Convention for International Transport of Goods by Road. This law also assumes a fee per kilogram of weight. The remuneration is SDR 8.33 (composition of currencies reflecting economic and financial relations in the world). An SDR fluctuates and depends on multiple factors. Currently the price fluctuates around €9,00/€10.00 per kilogram of transported weight. On the IMF website you can find the current SDR-rate.

Example: You transport the same laptop and damage is caused. The SDR price is currently €9.40 (February 2019). The fee is then:

2 kg * 8,33 SDR = 2 * €9,40 = €18,80

Additional insurance: Easy2send Increased liability

We can provide additional insurance for your goods. Ask for the possibilities while requesting a transport.