Our delivery planning is suitable for companies that provide products and services where the customer must be present!

Easy2send uses user-friendly transport software for (automatic) delivery/service appointments, fast and automated scheduling and tracking status on the go (track & trace)! Our delivery planning is ideal for wholesalers, retailers, e-tailers, production companies or service organizations with or without their own vehicles.

When using our delivery planning, the organization of delivery agreements (date and period) with customers is automatically carried out with an efficient check for efficient adjustment in the current schedule in advance. Thanks to the smart choice for delivery or service, the customer is optimally served and also saves a lot of time!


Easy2send Delivery and service planning.

Automatic, smart, customer friendly and of course EASY. We are trusted by various SMEs and large companies. Curious about our reviews? Then look at Here!


The Easy2send planning service.

No longer create complete ride schedules in Excel, but a system that plans smart and automatic rides.

With our delivery planning, planning appointments with customers becomes easy! Do you experience making appointments with customers for delivery or service visits as tricky? Then our planning service is for you! We invite the customer by email or SMS to make an appointment. The customer may then indicate a preferred period and our software provides a confirmation towards your customer.

Automatic appointments

Customers can plan their own appointments using our software. Fully automatic!

Smart plans

Always understand the planning and status of orders! With our handy app, customers are always informed on time, correct and moreover.

Track & Trace

Plan vehicles and people the way you want. Of course always easy, smart and fast. With this schedule, you are guaranteed to save time and costs.


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