Forgot luggage at holiday destination? Extra suitcases for a long summer away?
Easy2send provides quick and easy luggage transport!

From Mallorca to Maastricht or from Almere to Alanya. Any size or weight to any destination in the world. And of course also to or from airports, ports and stations.

Depending on the type of baggage, our employees always consult about the best option.

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    Have your luggage transported in the most fast and economical way?

    Depending on the type of baggage, our employees always provide the best option:

    No matter how, as long as it’s on time.


    As soon as possible, fast!
    Go Go Go!


    As soon as possible, but also as cheap as possible!

    Ad hoc

    Personal guidance, no moment out of sight.

    Door to door

    Appropriate transport
    Courier within 45 minutes

    Anywhere in the Netherlands within 45 minutes.

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Real-time transport information via track and Trace or by mail

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    For every speed and distance at the sharpest rates. From €0.39/km