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Good and fast service! Also very easy to use, I am therefore satisfied with the services provided.

– Yin Import Export

Always friendly and helpful. An appropriate solution is considered at all times. For all types of shipments can be arranged and easy to arrange online in the digital environment.

– Company Oosterberg

My experience is always very good. They respond quickly with a quote and can always send the courier on the road immediately. In my case, this is very much appreciated.

– Accentua Group

For years we have been doing business with easy2send and we are more than satisfied with this. Good service, always accessible and pays attention to an appropriate solution.

– Van Gemeren B.V.

The first experience with Easy2Send is positive. Quick response, friendly courier and the shipment has been delivered on time.
I’m glad you can track the shipment. I’m definitely going to use Easy2Send more often.

– Tripos

Very fast and skilled service. We had an emergency order. It was quickly picked up and delivered to the address to be delivered. The entire shipment was followed by means of the sent link. Top and we’re going to use this more often.

– Keolis Australia

Great good customer service, the appointments have been perfectly fulfilled and the courier himself was representative and neat!

– Cantorclin Cleaning B.V.

Very pleasant experience with this company. If we call, it’s resolved right away so every shipment in familiar hands with them!

– Intersport Trucking

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Persoonlijk contact
088 – 3300 900 direct offerte
Passend transport
Welk vervoer heb je nodig?
Koerier binnen 3 kwartier

Overal in Nederland binnen 45 minuten onze koerier bij uw ophaaladres

Realtime Track & Trace

Realtime transportinformatie via track en trace of per mail

Gratis offerte

Voor elke snelheid en afstand de scherpste tarieven. Al vanaf € 0,39 / km

Service you can rely on

Within half an hour (with a maximum 15-minute spout), the shipment will be retrieved from you on location. The couriers are in contact with our power plant non-stop. If desired, we will pass on changes in planning immediately or discuss the estimated arrival time. Upon receipt of the shipment, a confirmation email is sent with the recipient’s data and the exact time of transfer. Would you rather call by phone? No problem!


‘From A to wherever B is’ also applies abroad. No corner is too far. No inner city unreachable. When drawing up the offer, we always communicate clearly about additional costs such as tolls, ferry, or any overnight stays for the courier. We are also realistic and transparent about the agreed delivery time. Even when there is to be concerns outside office driving to, on weekends or on public holidays.
Because Always On Time is not a challenge for us, but a promise.

Request a quote or call 088 – 3300 900


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