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Time-critical shipment? We always offer a tailor-made solution!

Time-critical shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible and with special care in the Netherlands, Europe or in the rest of the world? We always offer a tailor-made solution. Both document and package shipments. Fast, safe and of course easy. Through a sophisticated transport system, we can reach every corner of the world soon. Worldwide is really world-wide!

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    National & International Express Service

    Our method

    How do I request this?
    Easy is always the motto. Regardless of the final destination of the shipment. We’re just starting with the standard data. Keep them at hand.

    • weight(s)
    • size(s)
    • postal code pick-up address
    • full delivery address / contact person
      but also:
    • type of packaging (box, crate, pallet, etc)
    • value of the shipment

    How do I pack my shipment?
    A personal Easy2send professional advises on the type of packaging if desired. This guarantees both the safety of the shipment and the speed. So easy!

    Shipments outside the EU This requires a so-called ‘commercial invoice’. Easy2send likes to give information and advice on this by phone.

    Can I follow my shipment?
    Yes, each shipment is provided with a track & trace. Easy online to follow.

    Is there also the weekend delivered?
    It is of course possible to have shipments delivered outside office hours, weekends or even on public holidays. Look at our courier servicesfor that.

    What are the usual delivery times?
    On working days before 9.00 am
    On working days before 12.00 hours
    On working days during office hours

    Appropriate transport
    Courier within 45 minutes

    Anywhere in the Netherlands within 45 minutes.

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Real-time transport information via track and Trace or by mail

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