Easy2send is located at Zwaardstraat 16.
Also known as the Third Craft School.

The Third Craft School is one of the two schools in the oeuvre of the architect Jan Duiker. Duiker belongs to one of the most important architects of the New Building. In this pre-war current was built with modern materials such as glass, concrete and steel and air, light and hygiene were central. Jan Duiker was not guided by monumentality, but only by functionality.

The wing along the Zwaardstraat contains a dark painted basement on the street side with concierge house, materials depot, entrance, wardrobes, bicycle shed and transformer house. The layer above has a central hall with large surfaces of glass building blocks and on either side the teacher’s room and the director’s room. In the adjacent main staircase, the freedom of concrete deposited on the spot is fully used to achieve exciting space forms.

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