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Quickly. Fully. Correctly. Strict rules and procedures are attached to import and export. Of course, they are different by region and by transport movement. Detailed knowledge of this helps prevent problems such as delay, additional costs or even refusal of transport. Our experienced and specialized freight forwarders provide the complete import, export and transit of all conceivable transport. Easy. Reassuring.


*Delivery time applies to large Dutch cities. Delivery in other places can run for an hour.

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Get a shipment in the most safe, efficient and economical way at the destination?

Easy2send is the answer!

How do I request this?
Easy is always the motto. No matter
transport movement of the shipment.
We start with the default data.

Keep them at hand:

– content consignment
– data collection address
– full delivery address / contact person

– sizes and weights
– value of the shipment

This guarantees both the accuracy of the
customs handling, as if the speed. So easy!

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PD declarations
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