About Easy2send

In Scheveningen you will find easy2send’shead office. This location has been a conscious choice that underscores easy2send’s personal character. This building in the middle of scheveningen’s beach culture contributes (especially for the owner and the employees) to the culture of Easy2send. Something that we proudly radiate to our customers who can also recognize themselves in it. Would you like to know more about our location? Then check this page.

We love easy2send simple, easy, but not simple. If we do it smartly, we can make it easy for everyone, including ourselves. For this we focus on two main pillars with which we can easily shape our mission (from our vision).


Of course we are customer-oriented, that’s most companies. But being customer-oriented can be in different ways. The way that suits us best is a personal, casual and friendly approach. Again, we sell ‘the way we do things’. Our DNA is ingrained that this way should feel simple (and preferably a bit ‘fun’) with all our stakeholders.


Smart solutions are an essential part of a well-streamlined process that is easy for everyone. These processes depend on a huge number of factors that change together and separately continuously. It is therefore important that we always get ahead in the technical side of our profession. So that we are always the most adept professionals in our profession and can therefore continue to offer the most efficient solutions. This ensures convenience for ourselves, and for everyone with whom and for whom we work!

These two pillars put a solid foundation under our culture. When we always take them as a starting point and invest in it, we build a stable, transparent and reliable culture.

Socially concerned – By the owner, Pieter Scholten

Socially involved – Social return.

As a logistics partner, employer and customer, we are in the middle of society every day from Easy2send. I therefore believe that we must play an active role within this society. Of actual value to society, that is for me successful entrepreneurship!

In addition to my position as director at Easy2send, I am therefore a volunteer at the KNRM Scheveningen in the position of deputy skipper on the lifeboat. The KNRM (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) is the aid worker on the water, at sea, and spacious inland water. Rescue boats and volunteers are available 24 hours a day for emergency and non-emergency care. Based on good seamanship, the KNRM provides assistance on the water to anyone who asks for it. KNRM saves and helps, free of charge. This is one of the ways easy2send is doing social return.

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