Transport art?
Easy2send takes care of it to the last detail!

Art deserves a special kind of attention. In addition to the financial value, the personal involvement of artist and collector is also taken into account. That is why customization is of course the standard in this case. Easy2Send specializes in project coordination for the transmission of entire collections for exhibitions. At national and international level. With service from wall-to-wall!

Of course also for single objects from A to wherever B is.

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    Get a painting in the most safe, caring and economical way at the place of destination?

    Easy2send is the answer!

    Packaging* Custom made chests for each unique object. Safe, efficient, economical and sustainable. Robust size boxes guarantee professional transport of all conceivable shapes and materials. From single painting works to complete 3D exhibitions.

    There are also possibilities for the use of standard transport boxes, storage boxes, and multi-use chests.

    Materials & Extras Made of first-class firewood, plywood, birch, concrete plex or material to your liking. The chests can be equipped with handles, handles, closures, hinges, wheels, feathers, lifting angles, viewing windows, shock, moisture and/or tilt indicators.

    *Easy2send advises on specialized packaging. Packing must be taken care of by the client himself.

    Appropriate transport
    Courier within 45 minutes

    Anywhere in the Netherlands within 45 minutes.

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Real-time transport information via track and Trace or by mail

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