Easy2send is your ideal courier in The Hague!

Are you looking for a courier in The Hague? Then you have a lot to choose. The offer is huge and it can be difficult to make a choice. Easy2send likes to make it easy for you. No hassle, but honest promises. This makes us perhaps the top-rated courier of The Hague. Our customers’ experiences and reviews speak for themselves. So take a look at our review page, but first check what we can do for you. Because we’re not just a courier in The Hague, we’re going one step further.

We pick up within half an hour (with max. 15-minute spout) each shipment.
With appropriate transport it goes directly to place of destination.
Less hurry is possible too, and of course a lot cheaper!

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    What do we expect from a courier in The Hague?

    One of the main features of a courier is speed. The Hague is a busy city, but if you are in a hurry, Easy2send guarantees that your courier will be at your doorstep within 45 minutes. If you are in less haste then it can be later, and that saves something in the price. It’s all to be tailored to your wishes and preferences. And you can track your shipment with a secure track-and-trace number. This is how you follow the shipment from the moment it leaves your hands until it arrives with the new owner.

    Why choose Easy2Send?

    Easy2send is the courier you hire if speed, quality and professionalism is a must!

    Where can I find reviews of Easy2Send?

    No less than 418 with the average figure of 9.2 ✅

    What rates does Easy2Send have?

    Very competitive rates, starting at €0.39 / km

    Passend transport
    Koerier binnen 3 kwartier

    Overal in Nederland binnen 45 minuten onze koerier bij uw ophaaladres

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Realtime transportinformatie via track en trace of per mail

    Gratis offerte

    Voor elke snelheid en afstand de scherpste tarieven. Al vanaf € 0,39 / km

    More than simple courier services

    Easy2send is a specialist when it comes to the transport of goods. We are not only a courier in The Hague, but international transporter of goods. Whether you want to send something by courier van, truck, trailer, boat or plane: we can do it all. Specialist transport that requires customization is also available. And you can insure every shipment, big or small. And while there’s a lot possible, we always keep things easy for you. We like to make it easy for you and literally take your package worries out of our hands.

    • Within 45 minutes, anywhere in the Netherlands

    • Real-time information via track & Trace

    • Easy. Customer satisfaction is paramount!