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If you choose us, you choose guarantees!

  • Within 45 minutes, anywhere in the Netherlands

  • The right means of transport for each consignment

  • Personal contact with professional planners

  • Real-time information via track & Trace

  • Competitive rates, starting at €0.39/km

  • Easy. Customer satisfaction is paramount!

  • Understanding for each story behind each mission

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    Persoonlijk contact
    088 – 3300 900 direct offerte
    Passend transport
    Welk vervoer heb je nodig?
    Koerier binnen 3 kwartier

    Overal in Nederland binnen 45 minuten onze koerier bij uw ophaaladres

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Realtime transportinformatie via track en trace of per mail

    Gratis offerte

    Voor elke snelheid en afstand de scherpste tarieven. Al vanaf € 0,39 / km

    Understanding for each story behind each shipment – Easy2Send