Transport haute couture?
Easy2send takes care of it to the last detail!

Hanging transport of confection and haute couture. From warehouse to shop, from studio to design show. From A to wherever fashion week is. Specialized in the unique circumstance requirements of various textile species. With specific attention to dust and stain-free transport.
Crease-free* – no challenge but promise.


*Depending on the textile type and within reasonable margins.

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    Get your designer dress in the most safe, caring and economical way at the place of destination?

    Easy2send is the answer!

    Adapted transport Focusonon the specific requirements of the carriage of the service, orders are provided by specialist couriers. Experience and personal engagement makes it Easy to level with the boys. They understand what the importance is behind the order. During the ride individual pieces will remain in place and will arrive creaselessly* at the destination.

    Efficient Because of the unique transfer batches on rail, this transport can be used efficiently under great time pressure. Without a stopover on ironing board or dry cleaning. Hello window! Hello catwalk!

    *Depending on the textile type and within reasonable margins.

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    Anywhere in the Netherlands within 45 minutes.

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