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Have you made a purchase from Medusa Auctioneers and would you like to have it packaged and transported? Easy2send will fix it! Via the form below you can request a free quote. If you have already received an invoice from the auction house, click here.

Global coverage! No corner is too far, no inner city unreachable.

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Easy2send arranges the transport of your lot easily, quickly and at the most economical rate.


Do you want to insure the transport of the purchased lot? You just need to specify the total value of your invoice or upload your invoice and we will calculate the fee for you!

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Easy2send takes care of the transport of your lot. Easy.

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With Easy2send, transporting your lots becomes very easy. Whether it concerns a painting, crockery, antiques or any other object, we arrange transport with passion! Request your free quote now for the collection, packaging and shipping of your purchase.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you already have an invoice from the Auction House?
    Upload it and view the price of picking up, packing, delivery
    and possibly insuring your lot without obligation.

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      Upload factuur van Veilinghuis (PDF, JPG of JPEG, max. 2MB)*


      Yes, however, this is a standard AVC coverage for a national shipment and for international shipments a standard CMR coverage. For full coverage of the total value of your invoice, you can opt for “additional liability” when requesting your quote. Easy2send can only offer an additional liability if the applicant comes from an E.E.R. country.

      As soon as the invoice from the auction house and the invoice for the transport have been paid, Easy2send can collect your lot(s). Due to the large quantities of lots during the auction season, your lot may not be ready immediately. Easy2send picks up several days a week during the auction season. Once your lot has been picked up it will be packed and sent as soon as possible.

      Easy2send always sends a final bill after the transport has taken place. If you have paid in advance, this invoice will be €0.00 (ZERO EURO). This means that there is no longer any amount open for any additional services you have requested after payment.

      This can be done with the payment link that is sent with the invoice. You can pay per:

      • Credit Card
      • Ideal
      • Giropay
      • Banant
      • Przelewy24
      • Belfius Direct Net
      • KBC/CBC Payment Button

      Of course you can also pay by bank transfer. However, processing your bank transfer may take longer.

      If your shipment is fragile such as porcelain, glass or any other fragile object, box will always be packed in box. Easy2send does not pack fragile items not box in box unless this is a specific request from the customer. Each item is shipped with care and professional packaging.

      The costs on your quote are broken down into; the collection of your lot(s), the packaging of your lot(s), packaging material, transport costs, insurance (if applicable) and any transport documents.

      You can draw digitally for your quote as soon as you open the quote. You can also give your agreement in response to our email.

      When you are not at home or if other unforeseen circumstances occur, Easy2send will have to contact you. If your shipment is sent outside the EU, your phone number will be given to customs so they can contact you. Easy2send will not use your phone number for other purposes.

      Shipments sent within the EU include VAT. If you are not subject to VAT and the shipment is sent within the EU, we will need your VAT number to send an invoice without VAT. Shipments sent outside the EU are VAT-free.