Emergency shipment – Easy2send

Emergency shipment

Do you immediately have an assignment that requires a fast courier? Please immediately sign in your shipment: planning@easy2send.nl or call 088 – 3300 900.

Do you have a specific question about our emergency courier service? Please contact us. We are always accessible for answers to your questions or try to respond as best as possible to any specific needs.

If you choose us, you choose guarantees!

  • Within 45 minutes, anywhere in the Netherlands

  • The right means of transport for each consignment

  • Personal contact with professional planners

  • Real-time information via track & Trace

  • Competitive rates, starting at €0.39/km

  • Easy. Customer satisfaction is paramount!

  • Understanding for each story behind each mission

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    During office hours you get IMMEDIATE response to your request!

    Passend transport
    Koerier binnen 3 kwartier

    Overal in Nederland binnen 45 minuten onze koerier bij uw ophaaladres

    Realtime Track & Trace

    Realtime transportinformatie via track en trace of per mail

    Gratis offerte

    Voor elke snelheid en afstand de scherpste tarieven. Al vanaf € 0,39 / km

    Understanding for each story behind each shipment – Easy2Send

    Emergency shipment

    Do you have shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible and with special care within the Netherlands? We always offer a tailor-made solution and everything is possible.
    With Easy2send you send directly to the recipient at your chosen time.

    Fast, reliable and easy.

    • Always available: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you can pass on your assignment
    • Personal attention and trust: for your special mission, an appropriate solution is found fully tailored to your wishes
    • Guaranteed the fastest delivery without transhipment or transhipment
    • Nationwide coverage
    • Episode on the same day possible
    • Delivery at department and/or personal level
    • Special service desk and proactive monitoring of your shipments
    • From document to complete truck load